Mission Statement

To educate the community and facilitate involvement in the cultivation of specialized crops with sustainable agricultural practices.


Any person may become a member by paying the membership fee and fulfilling set requirements. The membership fee will be determined by the board, may change from year to year, is non-refundable, and may be used at the discretion of the board. Membership requires each member to participate in the garden and entitles them to collect a share of the crop (as determined by the board). Members also elect the officers, may themselves serve as officers, and may serve on committees. For the purpose of voting and petitioning in accordance with these bylaws, each member will count as one vote or as one petitioning member. Membership may be terminated at any time by notice from the member, or by majority vote of the Board.

Board of Directors

President – Tom LaPitz
Vice President – Andrew Schmitt
Secretary – Chris Andrejka
Bryce Larson
Treasurer – Bryce Larson
Mark Opdahl
Member Representative – Mark Opdahl
Jeremy Pryes
Board Member – Jeremy Pryes

Board Member – Donovan Grueble

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